Skirting Boards 101

Modern houses tend to overlook some designs and elements that were part of traditional homes in the past, but one thing that you’d do well in including in the design of your home would be to add in skirting boards to the walls. Simply put, skirting boards are those thin pieces of wood, plastic, or MDF that are attached to the bottom part of the wall, and span the entire bottom portion of all the walls in the room. But what really are these skirting boards for, and are they really necessary?

Skirting boards?

Also called baseboards or base moldings, skirting boards are those boards that cover the bottom part of the wall which meets the floor. They are traditionally made of real hardwood, but have in recent years been created from plastic and MDF as well.

What they do

Skirting boards are both decorative and functional. Not only do they add a bit more dimension to the room, they also serve as a buffer between your walls and your furniture – and even your vacuum cleaner. By having these baseboards, your walls will be protected from any scratches that can result from having your furniture hit or graze against it, while also protecting your furniture from damage because of the scuffing. Not only that, they also serve to hide any unevenness on the floor, as well as conceal shrinkage gap that usually comes up in the space between the floor and the wall.

Their Appeal

They can be great accent pieces that allow for more depth to the colors and theme of the room. As they come in different shapes and styles, skirting boards can also inject a bit more character and aesthetic appeal to an otherwise boxy room than just simply leaving them as they are.

How they make a difference

Consider a room that does not have any trims or molding, and certainly no baseboards at all. That room would just be a plain box that, while certainly still livable, lacks the design that can turn it into a room that is worth showcasing. Apart from being ornamental, they make the room look more polished and complete.

Skirting boards may not be topping the list of the most groundbreaking components in modern homes, but they certainly are a force to be reckoned with. By simply adding skirting boards to a room, it can be transformed from a plain boxy space to an elegant living area that anyone can be proud of.